Publisher Monetization Management

As a division of Nexstar Digital, we directly access and manage the Nexstar owned and operated news properties. Mass² brings a unique value proposition to our publishing partners including a diverse and fully dynamic tech stack and seamless activation that offer both data-driven and optimized solutions.
Header Bidding

Mass2 utilizes header bidding to increase price pressure against all demand partners competing in real time by holding an auction process outside of the ad server. This provides full visibility into a publisher’s overall demand, allowing them to identify opportunities within their ad server to effectively optimize prioritization.

Analytics & Data

Thanks to our proprietary DMP connectivity, we’ve spent years aggregating 1st party data, ingesting 2nd-party data, and accessing agnostic 3rd party data. With this, we are able to both include and/or exclude different data sets, and therefore harness our 1st-party data indexing capabilities to fuel lookalike modeling based on cross-platform audience attributions.

Benefits of Mass2 analytics and data include:

• Data verification and viewability data (MOAT & Google)
• SDK connectivity
• Brand safety pre-bid defense
• Ad quality monitoring team and technology
• Matrix and performance-driven technology selection algorithms
• Proprietary reporting dashboard


We utilize a header wrapper solution to monetize display, video, and any app inventory in parallel with Google Exchange Bidding via Dynamic Allocation (EBDA) in order to compete against direct deals through First Look, but only if certain thresholds are met. This offers up the opportunity for incremental revenue for those instances where a programmatic buyer offers a higher rate vs. direct.

Yield Management & Activation

Mass2 was not built from the ground-up, but rather, comprised of a team with over 30 years combined experience building agile tech and monetization strategies. We are constantly testing new products and emerging trends to maximize long-term success, drive publisher yield, and achieve the highest eCPM.

Benefits of Mass2 yield management and activation include:

• Our O&O and 3rd-party inventory set with significant year-over-year increases
• Industry-leading access to multiple header bidders/wrappers
• Full performance transparency
• Strategy, campaign management, and ad operations expertise

PMM Infrastructure

We are committed to being at the forefront of the programmatic industry by integrating smart ad technology. Our proprietary infrastructure combines two ad servers, five SSPs, six header bidders, more than 100 unique demand connections and 150 private deals in order to provide exceptional ad operations.

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