Data Science Driven Activation

We start every activation with data to optimize and deliver actionable audience insights. With our ability to buy and analyze on a CPT pricing model, you gain exposure to the unique users most likely to perform to your KPIs.
Deal IQ

Deal IQ leverages proprietary audience & inventory data to maximize ROI. Our methodology combines data science with machine learning to unlock predictive relationships.

Inventory: Anticipate where converting audiences spend their time
Reach: Unlock scale and KPI efficiency through machine learning
Audience: Expand target audiences with predictive audience matching

Mass² Equalizer

Pairing our campaign activation with our Data Science Labs, Mass2 is able to deliver intelligently optimized campaigns based on real-time performance analytics. From top-of-funnel awareness to bottom-of-funnel call to action, we guide your customers through your campaign and straight to the finish line.

Cost Per Time

Mass²’s time-spent pricing option allows advertisers to purchase media based on the amount of time an ad was in-view modeled to the unique user, dramatically increasing return on ad spend versus other industry-standard pricing models.


Mass2 partners with industry-leading data providers to leverage a variety of targeting tactics, ensuring that your message is only being delivered to your brand's precise audience. We uniquely create activations based on client goals, distribution sizes and campaign timelines, starting from a data-backed foundation.

Our Targeting Partners include:

Audience Match

Providing you with incomparable performance at scale, we combine proprietary data modeling and seed selection with distribution across both video and display. By mapping engagement data at the unique user level, Mass2 Audience Match campaigns perform 2.7x better than traditionally targeted campaigns. This automated solution pairs your campaign with customized user profiles, optimized performance, and tangible lookalike data - all acting to expand qualified market share for your business.

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